Saturday, September 19, 2020
“It's been a real pleasure working with you guys. You really do deliver what you promise.”             
J.P. Greene & Associates

"Thanks to the guidance, support, and collaboration with NGM, the Indiana Audubon Society now presents a much more functional, inviting, and professional website solution. NGM enabled the Society to cut costs by providing member only access to our website that now houses our new online publications. The investment in NGM is proving to be extremely successful and IAS is confident that this new venture will help alleviate the financial struggles of the past. The future of the organization is looking much brighter."
Amy Wilms, President - Indiana Audubon Society

"I have worked with Narrow Gate Media since 2004. I have gone through several changes with my web site in that time and continue to be impressed with what Narrow Gate brings to the table. Their knowledge, experience and commitment to producing a quality product are just a few of the reasons why I continue to utilize their services."
Dave Heffner, President - Heffner & Associates, LLC

"I found that going to Narrow Gate Media put everyone else that followed at a disadvantage.  First, it was the simply awesome content management system. Second, it was how comfortable the process was. They took whatever time necessary to answer my questions and seemed genuinely interested in my project. I found that working with my printers is more difficult than having an entire website developed! These guys make this too easy."
Jason Levert, Owner - GAIN 11 

“My website is getting a GREAT response.  I received maybe 1 or 2 clients from my website before working with Narrow Gate, now I get 60% of my business from it.  I wish I had done this MUCH sooner!”
Dorene Philpot, Owner - Philpot Law Offices

“We chose Edit On Site because of the ease and flexibility it offered. Edit On Site allows us to stay up-to-the-minute with any changes to our industry, products or programs. Prior to switching to Edit On Site we had absolutely no flexibility. Every time I needed a change or an update to my website it cost me money. Consequently our old website became outdated – quickly. Now with the flexibility of Edit On Site, as our company grows and expands, so does our website. In business, you can’t put a price tag on flexibility. We are still in the early stages of our site but already have some big plans for how we will roll out new programs in the future. With Edit On Site, the only limitations we have are our own imaginations. Working with Narrow Gate was simple and straight-forward. They explained how Edit On Site worked, its benefits and laid out a time line for making it happen. They did what they promised and they did it on time and on budget – what a welcome change! I would highly recommend Edit On Site. And I would highly recommend Narrow Gate Media.”
Steve Young, President - Midwest Capital Corporation

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