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The Nuts & Bolts 
Edit On Site is a dynamic database web solution where the application runs on the server rather than your computer. This means you can make updates to your website from any where in the world on any computer as long as you have an internet connection. Multiple people can make updates to the website simultaneously from different computers. Specific people can be given specific access to part of the page, part of the website or all of it. Because this is a database, the website can control start and end dates of content for you, you can make universal changes to the entire website in one action, all your images and documents are stored in the database for easy access, and much more. 

Ease of Use 
If you have used email or Word and surfed the internet, then you will have an immediate understanding of this software solution. If not, you can still pick up on this very quickly because it's intuitive. This software allows you to work on your schedule. Make your changes at anytime and have them go live later and control when they are deleted. By just entering dates, the website does it for you. Search Engine Optimization tools are built into this software. Because it's a database the search engines understand your web page's structure, giving websites built with this solution an advantage.

Ongoing Maintenance 
You will save a lot of money with this solution. You can make updates to all portions of your website and at the most convenient time for you. There are no web designer maintenance fees for this solution. 

Because this is a database, you can start out with one page and move into a very large website with this solution. You will never have to backtrack. 

It's built right into the solution. Create security roles and then assign users to the role you wish them to have. You can give each page and module it's own security setting, allowing all, some, or one user access to edit and/or view that page or module. Give access to special information once someone has registered for your site or after they have paid a fee or if they are an employee, etc.  You can also give people access for a certain amount of time as well. The possibilities are endless. 

Marketing Capabilities 
Gathering email address, phone numbers and mailing information is built into this solution. Once the information is collected, it is stored in your database (the website) and can be organized into different user groups. A newsletter application is part of your website and allows you to email one, some, or all of your user groups. The newsletter feature individually mails the newsletter to each person on your list, eliminating the spread of spam. This is an invaluable tool for back-end and direct internet marketing. 

Intranet Capabilities 
This solution is built for companies who need an intranet - communication tool between individuals in an organization. Because of the built-in security features, you can have an employee portal or portals that can only be accessed after one as logged-in with their unique username and password. A site log will tell you who was where and what they did on what day and time.  For example, if you need everyone in your firm to view a particular file, this will tell you if they did or not. Each department can have access to their own pages to make updates. Communicate with everyone through the built in newsletter feature. Again, the possibilities are endless. 

Search Engines 
They love this solution. Because it's a database, it speaks their language and the search engines know how to read your pages, giving you an advantage in the search engines. 

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