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Modules for Your Edit On Site Portal

The modules let you expand the functions of the Edit On Site platform.  Modules come in all different types and can usually be used more than once within your your site.  Below is a partial list of common modules and should give you a starting point for thinking about what you want your site to do for your employees and or your customers.

We will work with you to determine the best modules for your project.  If you do not see something your interested in, please ask.  New modules are being added all the time or we can discuss custom module development in extreme cases.


The announcements module is a basic module used for displaying news items on your site.

The blog module is a module used for a weblog on your site.

The contacts module allows you to store a list of contacts and relevant related information.

The documents module presents a list of files within your site for download by visitors.

The faq module allows you to create a list of questions & answers. All questions are hyperlink buttons and will expand when clicked on. Only one answer is displayed at any given time.


The forms module is one that can be used to get feedback from users about something on your website. In its generic form, it can be used to provide a means for a user on your website to ask you a question about anything.

The forum module provides the ability for people to start threads and reply to other people's threads. You can edit, delete, move or otherwise modify any thread on the forum as needed to maintain peace and enforce rules.

The links module is designed to display user links in several different formats and styles.

The media module will display all kinds of media, such as: Images, Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media, various Audio formats, etc.



News Feed (RSS)
This module allows for the display of a ‘news feed’ on your web page.

The repository module can be used to store a collection of files, images, links or text.

The survey module allows you to create a very basic survey.

User Defined Table
This module allows for the creation of a list of records with fields, that can be specified by you, similiar to a spreadsheet.

Users Online
The users online module presents information about the users in your (portal) website. This information contains data on membership, people online, online now, etc.


While the list above covers most needs, we have included some other modules and uses you may not have thought of.

Content Management
This type of module adds work flow and approval processes to standard article submissions.

CSS Stylesheet Management
If you know your way around CSS and want that extra control over the look of your site.

Document Management
Allow visitors to upload documents, manage versions, allow access to view or download documents based on security roles.

Starting from simple forms to Paypal integrated payments, all the way to real-time payment processing in a full featured catalog / shopping cart with all the bells and whistles.

Allow your visitors to take out the latest alien invaders or solve the newest puzzle game.

Graphics / Images
These modules allow you to display images in a variety of interesting ways usually involving a Adobe Flash presentation layer.  Make an impression on your site visitors with image galleries that capture their attention. 

Help Desk / Customer Relationship Management
Allow your customers to create a trouble ticket and you can manage the process electronicly.

Every site benefits from marketing, starting at simple analytics and visitor tracking to fancy eye catching page peel effects.

Add Google maps to your site or store locator. 

Upload video, convert it to Flash and display your masterpiece to the world.

Add Much More.... 
Calculators, Digital Coupons, Local Weather, Guestbooks, Blogs, Forums, Surveys, Polls, Contests, Instant Messaging, Display your site for mobile devices, PDA, Cell phones etc, SMS Text Messaging, Job Boards, Tag Clouds, Tell A Friend, Multi Language options for displaying content to the global community.

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